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What You Need To Know About Obesity And Diabetes

If you’re currently battling a weight problem, you may feel that your biggest concern is the image staring back at you when you look into the mirror. There’s no question that many of those who are experiencing higher than healthy body weights are taking a hit as far as their self-confidence is concerned.

Often it’s this lower level of self-confidence that is prompting them to take action and start up on a diet or workout program.

But, as you go off worrying about your body image, you must also take into account how this excess weight is impacting your health. More specifically, how it’s impacting your risk of diabetes.

Let’s look further into the connection.

The Scary Stats

When it comes to diabetes, the stats are quite alarming. In the US, 10.9 million people or 26.9% currently suffer from diabetes in the year 2010. With more time now passed, those rates would be even higher as obesity is still on the rise.

In addition to those who are impacted by diabetes, another 35% of US adults aged 20 years or older suffered from pre-diabetes as well. So, given enough time, they may also be added to the prevalence rate above.

Furthermore, diabetes right now is the primary cause of other numerous health problems such as kidney failure, lower limb amputations, as well as blindness. Those who suffer from diabetes are also at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, so add those to the list of reasons why you need to take action to prevent this devastating condition.

Why The Connection?

So why is being overweight such a direct link to diabetes? The primary reason why obesity can set you up to suffer from this health problem is because as you gain more and more weight, you’re going to experience a reduced level of insulin sensitivity. This means your body is less responsive to insulin that is secreted by the pancreas, which is at the heart of the diabetes condition.

Furthermore, those who are overweight also tend to be consuming a diet that’s rich in simple sugars, which also places a high burden on the pancreas to release enough insulin to control it.

Over time, these two issues working together are what lead to diabetes.

What You Can Do

So what can you do?

First, start taking action on your diet plan. Reduce all the excess sugars you’re consuming and try and eat a calorie reduced diet. If you need help to do so, consider a fat loss support supplement such as Adiphene.

In addition to that, also be sure that you look for little ways to be more active on a day to day basis. Remember that even moderate amounts of physical activity add up, so don’t think you aren’t making progress if you choose to go for a 10 minute walk after work or get up earlier for a 10 minute strength workout.

It will add up and put you one step ahead of the game in reducing your risk of diabetes. Take action now so you can have a healthier tomorrow.

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Diet enthusiasts are hailing Adiphene as ‘one of the most powerful fat fighters available’, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Adiphene is one of the latest offerings from RDK, the brains behind the wildly popular Phen375. This alone gives it some credit as a legitimate contender in the diet supplement arena; currently oversaturated with poor quality diet products.

Adiphene claims to be formulated with only highest quality ingredients. Allegedly, these work to encourage weight loss from 5 different angles: stimulating the metabolism, reducing fat absorption, reducing the appetite, accelerating the metabolic process and boosting energy. This is a refreshing approach to tackling fat because, unlike most supplements, it is not limited to one area.

One of the greatest challenges people face when they attempt to lose weight is maintaining an effective balance between eating less and burning fat. If actually shown to be effective, there could be great potential for Adiphene to provide a lasting solution for those who are struggling with yoyo diets and inconsistent weight loss.

What is Adiphene?

In order to understand how Adiphene works as a diet supplement, we must first examine what it is. In the manufacturer’s own words, Adiphene is a“multi approach fat loss supplement”. Most diet pills fall into one of several categories; a fat binder, an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and so on. Adiphene is in its own unique category that has not been seen before in a diet supplement.

Normally to experience a full range of desired weight loss effects, one has to combine two or more diet aids or supplements. Adiphene aims to combine several properties into one easy to take supplement, so that all angles are covered with minimum fuss. Adiphene does this by including a special combination of ingredients, each targeted to a different area of weight loss. These are:

  • 5 stimulants: Bitter Orange, Chromium Picolinate, Guaranna extract, Ginseng Panax root extract 10%, Cocoa Extract 98%.
  • 2 Thermogenic boosters: Cinnamon extract 4 %, Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G.
  • 1 Appetite suppressant –Glucomannan (kanjac root)
  • 1 Fat binder – Chitosan extract
  • 3 Fat metabolizers: Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL and Ginger Root Extract

Each ingredient has been individually tested in previous clinical trials, and shown to achieve the desired effect. Adiphene aims to help people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels achieve their weight loss goals. While diet and exercise are obviously beneficial, Adiphene claims to produce results even in the absence of strict diet and exercise.

How does it work?

Adiphene essentially works by boosting your metabolism. The ingredients work together to give you more energy, help you eat less and metabolize more calories while reducing fat absorption. Most slim people have highly effective metabolisms, and are able to convert more of the food they eat into energy and store less as fat.

Adiphene aims to enable larger people to fine tune their metabolisms to operate more like that of a slim person’s, so that they are more efficient. This makes Adiphene a good solution for long term weight loss as the effects are not drastic and temporary, but gradual and ongoing.

How do you take it?

For maximum results you are encouraged to take one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before breakfast and one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before lunch.

Each pack contains 60 tablets which will last a full month, but to save money it is recommended you buy in bulk; for example if you order 3 bottles you get 1 extra free. It is recommended that take Adiphene for at least 3 months, as 3 months is the optimum time frame needed to boost your metabolism.

Orders are shipped using UPS and have tracking numbers, delivery, signature confirmation and postal insurance included in the shipping cost. Before taking Adiphene you should consult a doctor if you have a current health condition, have a heart condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What results can you expect?

Testimonials on the site indicate that positive results can be seen within only a few weeks; however it will vary for each individual. Over time the effects will start to show as your metabolism increases and your body inhibits fat absorption. You should experience more energy and a reduced appetite, which will encourage healthier eating habits.

As with any effective weight loss solution, don’t expect a miracle overnight. Time will tell just how effective Adiphene can be for you and your particular weight loss goals.

If you take these steps, you should be able to put hypertension behind you.

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Your skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of your body which performs some essential functions such as protection, hydration, sensation and temperature regulation. The internal structure of your skin, however, is even more interesting. 

5 key functions of your skin…

Protection, absorption, sensation, regulation & production

Reasons To Use Skin Care Products

We go to the dentists to check the health of our teeth to ensure we do not need any treatment and to prevent any ill health from infections, we sometimes have to have check- ups at the doctors to ensure our bodies are healthy and fully working order. So why not take care of our skin? After all, prevention is better than cure.

A lot of people assume that when they are young they do not have to take care of their skin because until they are a lot older it does not matter. But how you take care of your skin now will greatly affect you in later life. How our skin stands the test of time is somewhat genetic as we are all predisposed in a certain way, but wrinkles and fine lines could be significantly reduced by making sure you moisturise, drink plenty of water and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

The sun is particularly harmful and over-exposure can put you at great risks of suffering from skin cancers. You are never too young to safeguard your skin. you will reap the benefits of taking care of your skin as when you are older, that little bit of effort you put into your skin when you were younger, will show on the outside.

It is very important to invest in a good quality moisturiser that is suited to your skin type. Even oily skin needs to be moisturised although dry skin has a tendency to line and wrinkle far quicker and earlier on than someone with exceptionally oily skin. Dry skin is also more likely to be very sensitive in the winter; cold conditions can make the skin chapped, sore and inflamed and can lead to other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Cracked skin also has the potential to harbour germs and bacteria which will lead to infections.

We all know the importance of drinking water, this flushes out all the toxins and waste from the skin leaving it fresh, glowing and youthful. However, we must not neglect our skin on the outside; it needs a certain amount of moisture in order to retain its elasticity and suppleness which is why the use of cleansers and moisturisers are so important. Toners work well to remove impurities and tighten pores, though some of these can be very abrasive on the skin so should be used sparingly and should not be used around the delicate eye area.

If you happen to suffer from acne or some other skin disease, it is important to seek treatment as acne in particular when it is at its most severe, can leave permanent scarring, hyper-pigmentation, not to mention a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes healthy eating and lifestyle is not always enough to clear certain skin diseases and ailments, stress can also be a leading factor, however it is important to seek help when it is necessary so the problems can be nipped in the bud before they progress.

All in all, remember your skin is one of the key organs of your body that works hard for you day and night. You should, therefore, work hard to protect your skin by giving it best care and preventing it from various issues and problems such as acne.

R.D.K holdings S.A
R.D.K holdings S.A

Smart Moves To Reduce Hypertension

If you’re currently overweight or even just battling a few extra pounds, it’s worthwhile to sit up and take note of what you can do to speed up your rate of progress at shedding those for good.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of a number of conditions in today’s world and rates are currently on the rise.

One of the conditions that is very prevalent in the US population is hypertension, which is quite interconnected with obesity as well. As of 2010, 28.6% of the population reported suffering from hypertension, and possibly more alarming, 81.9% were fully aware of it. This means that even those most people know they are experiencing the condition, they aren’t taking action steps to control it as best as they could. Less than 50% of those reported to know about their hypertension are taking serious action steps to reduce it, so it’s time to make sure that you are not one of those statistics.

Let’s look at what you should be doing to help reduce your risk or level of hypertension today.

Eat More Fresh Produce

The first and very important step to take to help you combat hypertension is to eat more fresh produce in your diet plan. Fruits and vegetables are naturally sodium free so they should be consumed in abundance with each and every meal you eat.

They should form the basis of your diet, making up around 40-50% of your total food intake.

Watch Out For ‘Hidden’ Sodium

Next, also be sure that you’re on the lookout for hidden sources of sodium. Many people are aware that they shouldn’t be using high amounts of table salt or spices that are high in sodium, but they overlook other sources in their diet such as cheeses and other dairy products, canned foods, and sometimes even breakfast cereals.

Start reading labels so that you can get the full information of how much sodium all of your foods contain. Sometimes sodium lurks in the most unsuspecting places, so this may prove to be quite the eye-opening experience for you.

Eat Healthy Fats

Finally, make sure that you are eating a higher amount of healthy fats in your diet as well. Healthy fats will help to combat high blood pressure and also promote a healthier heart, so are a must have to be taking in.

The best sources of healthy fats to focus on include nuts and natural nut butter, seeds, avocado’s, fatty fish, along with olive oil and flaxseed oil. Coconut fat, while a saturated variety is also great to take in to help boost heart health.

In addition to eating right, also be sure to use a weight loss supplement such as Adiphene, which can help to stop hunger pains and boost your metabolic rate, allowing fat loss to take place at a faster rate overall.


  • Protection: Your skin is a unique and remarkable organ that is the outer covering of the body. Hence, your skin tries to protect you from germs that can make you sick. It also provides protection of deeper tissue from chemicals, bacteria, bumps, and drying.
  • Absorption & elimination: As the largest digestive organ of the body, the skin provides the functions of both absorption and elimination. This process can work for or against us, depending on the products we apply to the skin. Just like eating “junk food,” junk skin care products can produce negative effects. Conversely, eating a healthy organic diet and using healthy, organic skin care products as “skin food” will increase the health, beauty, and vibrancy of our skin.
  • Sensation: Our skin tells us how things feel when we touch them. For example, our skin can tell us when we are touching something dangerous (something really hot or sharp). One square inch of skin contains millions of cells as well as many specialized nerve endings for sensing heat, cold, and pain.
  • Regulation: Your skin also serves as a heat regulator; sweating when you are hot allows the water to evaporate and cool the skin. When your body is chilled, the vessels become narrowed and decrease the flow of blood through the skin to reduce heat loss.
  • Production: Your skin makes Vitamin D in response to sun exposure. Vitamin D is a crucial part of the way your body handles the essential nutrients calcium and phosphorus in your diet. As a result, it is critical to the development and maintenance of bone strength. The amount of vitamin D produced from sun exposure varies based on skin type, use of skin protection, length of sun exposure, season of the year, and time of day.
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